WGBC Cinematography

God gave us the gift of cinematic storytelling and this is how we will serve Him!



We’re a full-service agency that specialize in video, with all the right people and equipment to handle your project from start to finish. From the creative concept to the final edits and distribution, we can deliver powerful, compelling videos that attract an audience.


Church Day 2018

  • Жизнь церкви WGBC за прошедший год - 2018 Church Day Slideshow

Media Ministry testimonies

  • Media Ministry testimonies

Promo pastors 2018

  • Promo pastors 2018

Music Video Home for Christmas

  • Music Video Home for Christmas 

Promo for Love Never Fails (English)

  • Promo for Love Never Fails (English)

Придите, Поклонимся - Book Promo

  • Придите, Поклонимся - Book Promo