Time lapse - the perfect tool to showcase your construction projects

Many may use them, but it’s arguable that nowhere else are time lapses as useful or as essential as they are in construction or industrial production videos. (We’ve made plenty, even many month recordings. Email us if you want to learn more.) It’s for good reason they’re used so much: they drive engagement like nothing else. It’s the one tool you should be sure to use when putting together any industrial or construction video. 

The process explained

greenfield construction site

While filming, the pictures are monitored remotely via a wireless link to our studios and can be accessed via internet from any computer. This gives security and peace of mind to the client who knows that vital events will not be missed. The cameras are programmed to record only at set intervals . The resulting thousands of individual picture frames are then edited together to produce a high speed film. Events that may have taken months to complete can be watched developing in just seconds.

ground work

When commissioned to produce a time lapse video we visit the site and choose the best camera placement (normally in an elevated position to provide a clear and unobstructed view of the action), check on available power and possible Internet access and determine what kind of kit is appropriate for the shoot. We then install and monitor all our equipment ourselves. At the end of the shoot the footage will be edited in one of our broadcast edit suites at our studios.

start up

Time lapse videos are a perfect way to show clients and prospective clients how your projects develop from start to finish in a very aesthetic and visually dramatic way. Time lapse is the perfect tool to showcase your construction projects let's talk about your projects now.