Safety Training

Our industries are constantly changing and the requirement to teach staff new skills with new equipment in new environments is ongoing. Our custom videos will provide your staff with a full understanding and appreciation of their new skills and responsibilities on the job site.


There are times that your safety policies may need reviewing to adapt to recent challenges, government guidelines and site specific requirements. Your meetings to discuss new strategies will be greatly enhanced with one of our safety meeting videos that can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your current policy.

The Process explained

1. The video is recoreded. Safety training videos are about so much more than checking a box to fulfill compliance. Many of these safety videos can truly save lives. OSHA reports that in the construction industry, the Fatal Four (falls, electrocutions, flying objects, and caught betweens), were responsible for over 60% of construction deaths in 2014. And that eliminating the Fatal Four would save 545 workers' lives in America every year. Creating training videos that effectively communicate the safety protocols for your company can help stop illness, prevent injury, and — yes — even save lives.

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2. The video clips are made into a film that presents the safety on the job


3. The video is then submitted to the clients.