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Vadim Kovalev

Executive Creative Director


Vadim moved to the U.S. as a child with his family, and he began his career as a mechanical engineer for JoeScan, a manufacturer of high-quality scan heads for use in sawmills. There he served as a sales engineer, a manufacturing supervisor, and a product lead where he built, tested, and repaired 3D lasers—but it wasn’t until he served as a Creative Director that he discovered his passion for videography. Under Vadim’s direction, JoeScan used CAD, videography, and other techniques to win new business.

Darya Kovalev:

Darya is a project manager and a storyteller. She makes sure that every each project has a cohesive story behind it, and she helps tune the technical work to the client’s vision. She also energizes our team, manages company finances, and keeps us on track.


Yuriy Kuprikov:

Yuriy is our marketing and brand designer. He has helped KovalevFilms develop its brand identity and deliver a meaningful experience to our clients. He also ensures that we satisfy our clients at every stage in their buyer’s journey, from their initial interaction to their video’s distribution.


Crister Korpela: 

Crister learned his videography skills making wedding and music videos. He does amazing things behind the camera, and his passion and vision helps bring KovalevFilm’s videos to life.

Julie Terekhin:

Julie has a masterful photographic eye, capturing fleeting moments in time and space. When she’s not working, she loves going on adventures in her newly converted truck/camper with her husband and her dog.

Alex Terekhin:

Alex came to master technology by working in the eCommerce space, building websites and helping create profitable platforms for his clients. He helps KovalevFilms out with all-things-technological, including web design, portfolio creation, and more.


ruslan golovko:

Ruslan is a self-taught woodworker who was supporting his family as an electrician—until he realized people pay good money for his work. He helps KovalevFilms fabricate and mount custom brackets for cameras, build furniture for presentations, and come up with creative solutions for the many challenges unique to industrial videography.

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eric Roshko:

Eric is the man behind the music at KovalevFilms. He came to us with a background in music production, sound design, and sound engineering. He’s also a songwriter, and his passion for music has taken our clients’ videos to an entirely new level.


Matthew MacIntosh:

Matthew has produced content for nationally recognized technology brands, and he has ghost-written articles for executives that have appeared in Entrepreneur, AD WEEK, and other major publications. He helps KovalevFilms tells its own story… so we can bring our clients’ stories to life.


Frederic W. Gray

Frederic is a management consultant for startups and businesses experiencing rapid growth. With a background in investment banking and as the founder of several successful tech startups, he brings a holistic view of how companies experience success. His previous clients include Stanford Seed, SunRun, and Northwestern Mutual.

About KovalevFilms

KovalevFilms helps industrial construction companies win more business and close deals faster—by bringing portfolios to life!


Why Specialization Matters

You’d probably think twice before hiring a sales rep who knew nothing about your business, right? After all, you’d spend a lot of time training someone who might not even deliver results.

Industrial videography—the kind that will impress your clients, close more deals, and boost revenue—requires an intimate knowledge of your field.


Hire a team with hands-on experience…


  • Shooting in challenging locations, such as a construction sites and sawmills

  • Mounting cameras securely to stay in place for 8+ months (for time-lapse imagery)

  • Overcoming lighting challenges that don’t exist in an office or a studio

  • Safely piloting drones to capture stunning aerial footage without putting your workers at risk

We Know Your Business

Insider knowledge is key to understanding your company, your clients, and how to make your business grow. We understand…

  • Your business model

  • Your clients’ needs

  • How video can help your profits soar

Our Story

KovalevFilms was founded by Vadim Kovalev (pronounced: vah-DEEM KOH-vah-lev)—no relation to the famous hockey player (Canadians always ask!). Kovalev is a Russian last name that means “to blacksmith,” which is why the anvil served as the inspiration for our logo.

It’s also a metaphor for what we do—we forge stories from rough, raw material—the way a blacksmith shapes tools from metal and fire.

There he served as a sales engineer, a manufacturing supervisor, and as a product lead building, testing, and repairing 3D lasers—but it wasn’t until he served as a Creative Director that he discovered his passion for videography. Under Vadim’s direction, JoeScan used CAD, videography, and other techniques to win new business.

Vadim’s wife, Darya, is the Creative Content Manager. She looks after the projects to ensure each and every delivered piece serves the story of our valuable client.

Of course, we’d be nothing without the help of editors, shooters, writers, electrical and mechanical installers, and support team and along with many other dedicated creative professionals who work together to bring you the best and most original content to tell your story.


KovalevFilms has worked on major projects for industry leaders, including a $100+ million sawmill construction project for the BID Group. We helped the BID group develop a portfolio of projects for sales and marketing purposes, along with internal videos to help with employee training.


Visit our Projects page to see what we can do for you!

Your Secret Weapon

You’re in a board room, pitching a new project to your prospects. You watch their eyes glaze over because, after all, they can only sit through so many PowerPoint slides. That’s where we come in.

A powerful, professional video conveys professionalism, and it can help you:

  • Entice new prospect

  • Win bigger contracts

  • Close more deals


Ready to take your sales and marketing to the next new level?


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